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101-200 Higest paying keywords (Google's AdWords tool)

Thursday, November 30, 2006
$43.50 bank of america equity

$43.28 dui lawyers

$43.26 injury chicago

$43.18 consolidation

$43.13 car insurance rates

$43.10 dui lawyers

$42.67 bad credit mortgage

$42.58 new lasik

$42.58 federal direct consolidation

$42.48 student loan debt consolidation

$42.23 term life insurance quote online

$42.20 consolidate private student loans

$41.83 manhattan lasik

$41.61 equity loan rate

$41.56 credit consolidators

$41.48 equity loan rates

$41.44 bad credit mortgages

$41.42 whole life insurance quote

$41.41 chase credit cards

$41.19 federal direct consolidation loan

$41.03 nj auto insurance

$40.93 student loan consolidation center

$40.74 refinancing mortgage

$40.54 fort worth dwi

$40.43 federal criminal attorney

$40.41 botox training

$40.34 mortgage loans

$40.13 whole life quote

$40.11 refinancing

$40.08 direct loan consolidation

$40.04 causes of mesothelioma

$39.90 car quote

$39.83 mortgage refinance

$39.79 mesothelioma attorneys

$39.76 stafford loan consolidation

$39.71 dwi attorneys

$39.64 quote online

$39.55 dwi attorneys

$39.48 refinance consolidation

$39.40 equity loan

$38.90 sallie mae loan consolidation

$38.70 college debt consolidation

$38.53 poker bonus

$38.44 equity line of credit

$38.35 homeowners quote

$38.31 viatical settlement

$38.28 equity line of credit

$38.11 equity line

$38.02 discount life insurance

$38.02 new york criminal attorney

$37.82 peritoneal mesothelioma

$37.73 homeowners insurance quotes

$37.68 san francisco dui

$37.64 dwi lawyer

$37.61 equity mortgage

$37.49 dwi lawyer

$37.45 auto accident attorney

$37.45 equity mortgage

$37.44 party poker bonus

$37.31 loan consolidators

$37.30 lasik institute

$37.28 consolidate private loans

$37.22 champion mortgage

$37.00 safe auto insurance

$37.00 debt consolidation service

$36.98 refi mortgage

$36.61 loan consolidation center

$36.51 california mesothelioma

$36.35 dwi lawyers

$36.26 settlement company

$36.15 annuity settlement

$36.08 mesothelioma treatments

$36.00 insurance automobile

$35.88 mesothelioma research

$35.79 consolidation debt

$35.78 mesothelioma info

$35.64 mesothelioma lung cancer

$35.61 party poker

$35.48 mortgage credit

$35.40 settlement loan

$35.35 auto insurance

$35.35 sallie mae consolidation

$35.09 equity interest

$34.68 equity lines of credit

$34.61 loan consolidation calculator

$34.58 compare insurance

$34.47 line of credit

$34.40 term insurance

$34.26 debt consolidation company

$34.23 manhattan lasik center

$34.19 mesothelioma treatment

$34.18 settlement payments

$33.93 laboratory information management system

$33.79 ameriquest mortgage

$33.77 citibank credit

$33.76 life settlement company

$33.32 washington dui

$33.23 mortgage refinance rate

$33.18 washington dui

$33.03 dwi in minnesota
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1-100 Higest paying keywords (Google's AdWords tool)

$82.92 austin dwi
$78.01 school loan consolidation
$76.54 college loan consolidation
$74.93 car insurance quotes
$74.78 auto insurance quotes
$74.23 school consolidation
$71.71 consolidation college
$67.42 consolidation student
$67.34 student loan consolidation rates
$67.27 sell structured settlement
$66.84 structured settlements
$65.71 federal student loan consolidation
$65.56 austin dwi attorney
$65.44 term life quote
$65.29 austin dwi attorney
$65.27 term life insurance quote
$65.17 auto insurance quote
$63.17 term insurance quote
$62.25 federal consolidation
$61.15 consolidate student loan
$59.82 structured settlement
$59.66 insurance car
$59.21 consolidate school loans
$58.89 consolidation loan rate
$58.71 consolidation of student loans
$58.59 car insurance quote
$57.38 life insurance quote online
$57.31 private student loan consolidation
$57.29 consolidate student loans
$57.14 consolidation loan
$56.58 the lasik vision institute
$56.24 lasik new york
$56.05 plus loan consolidation
$56.03 student loans consolidation
$55.82 insurance quotes
$55.34 life insurance quote
$55.21 federal loan consolidation
$54.90 mesothelioma diagnosis
$54.82 private loan consolidation
$53.96 car insurance quote online
$53.68 bad credit equity loan
$53.38 abdominal mesothelioma
$52.99 cash settlement
$52.98 student loan consolidation programs
$52.84 student loan consolidation calculator
$52.37 student loan consolidation program
$51.30 mesothelioma lawyers
$51.30 life quote
$51.26 auto quote
$50.62 www mesothelioma
$50.35 mesothelioma
$50.04 consolidate loans
$49.78 insurance quote
$48.97 instant insurance quote
$48.87 structured settlement company
$48.86 life insurance quotes
$48.65 san diego dui
$48.64 equity bad
$48.46 lasik dallas
$48.45 san diego dui
$48.30 what is mesothelioma
$48.11 consolidate loan
$47.96 lasik nyc
$47.88 equity line rates
$47.74 dwi texas
$47.74 equity line of credit rates
$47.68 school consolidation loans
$47.54 texas dwi
$47.50 all state insurance
$47.45 online insurance quotes
$47.40 student loan consolidators
$47.34 best student loan consolidation
$46.68 equity mortgage loans
$46.65 education loan consolidation
$46.54 125 equity
$46.51 direct consolidation
$46.45 term life insurance
$46.37 sallie mae student loan consolidation
$46.35 lasik vision institute
$46.22 loan consolidation rates
$45.95 dui attorneys
$45.76 dui attorneys
$45.59 mesothelioma settlements
$45.55 student load consolidation
$45.48 cheap auto insurance
$45.27 chicago personal injury
$45.18 cheap car insurance quote
$45.08 dui lawyer
$44.99 dui attorney
$44.90 lawyer dui
$44.87 malignant mesothelioma
$44.87 dwi attorney
$44.82 botox chicago
$44.80 attorney dui
$44.79 cheap car insurance
$44.68 dwi attorney
$44.06 lasik new jersey
$43.91 cheap quote
$43.56 lasik nj
$43.50 pleural mesothelioma
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100 Google AdSense Tips - by Fernando Hal

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
This article is post in 100 Google AdSense Tips (This article is the first of a 6-part series in 100 Google AdSense Tips.) at hundredtips.com

Here is the 100 Google AdSense Tips

1. AdSense Earning = Impression-count x Click-though-rate x Cost-per-click x smart-pricing-factor.

2. Impression count is basically referring to your traffic. It means the number of times AdSense block is displayed.

3. Click-through-rate (CTR) is ratio of clicks per impressions. It can range from 0.1% to 30%, but most commonly around 1% to 10%.

4. Cost-per-click (CPC) is the earning you get per click. While traditionally it refers to the amount advertisers pay for each click, it can also mean the amount publishers get for each click.

5. Smart-pricing is AdSense method to determine how valuable clicks from your site is worth. If clicks on your site doesn’t provide good value to advertisers, e.g. from visitors’ geo-location that seldom translate to sales, you will only get a fraction of the supposed CPC.

6. Apply for AdSense account via blogger.com for faster approval.

7. Once you get your AdSense publisher code, you can put it any of your websites without requiring further approval.

8. Read and reread Google AdSense Program Policies and Terms and Conditions.

9. Don’t click on your own ads, or ask people to click, even if you are using proxies.

10. Don’t use click-bots.

11. Don’t encourage your visitors to click on ads. The only acceptable text is “Sponsored Links” and “Advertisements”.

12. Don’t put competitor contextual ads on the same page as your AdSense, for example: Yahoo Publisher Network, Clicksor. Non-contextual ads are ok.

13. Don’t put your ads on objectionable material, e.g. adult sites, gambling sites, mp3, etc.

14. Basically, don’t cheat AdSense. Google will catch you, sooner or later.

15. Viewing your on website will not get you banned. Just make sure you don’t click on the ads.

16. However, repeatedly reload your page to jack up page impressions can get you banned.

17. When in doubt don’t hesitate to contact the AdSense team. They are very helpful.

18. Choose a high paying niche without too much competition.

19. You can try highest paying keywords from cwire.org, but know before-hand that you’ll face very fierce competitions.

20. Use Overture Bid Tool and Search Engine Keyword Tool to find suitable keyword.
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My adsense adv suddenly disappeared....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Q; My adsense adv suddenly disappeared....

From: bentswoodpaul(a)hotmail.com

my page used to show adsense adv properly
and the advs are about "patent" and "investment"
however...the advs are not shown anymore 2 days ago, the advs are blank

nothing is shown....i wonder if it is related to "over-clicking"?

would the advs not showing anymore, if they are over-clicked?

or could u guys kindly give me an explanation? thank you

Answer - by Kristian Fiskerstrand

And the URL is?
On a general note
https://www.google.com/support/adsense/bin/answer.py?answer=10035 might
be of interest. if there isn't sufficient content on the website there
aren't enough ads in your inventory to have any displayed.
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Google Adsense page won't let me sign up

Q; Google Adsense page won't let me sign up

From: Peter Roehlen

I'm trying to sign up using this page:

I enter my website, contact, product selection and check the policies.
I click submit and am taken to the verify information screen. I choose
either my existing gmail account or choose a new login name. When I
click Continue I get taken right back to the first screen with the
details prefilled and no error or confirmation message. I can repeat
the process indefinitely.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Answer - by Kristian Fiskerstrand

Just a little additional note, google seems to be having some server
issues, especially with writing (I presume reading is replicated across
different servers and that is the reason the fault-rate is lower,
although I've had problems with that as well)
So just try untill it works :)
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